Now in our 10th year, GRIT Wrestling is striving to help produce Minnesota’s next generation of youth and high school wrestling talent. We provide CONSISTENT, STRUCTURED TRAINING within a system based on a year-round approach.

GRIT is centered on the belief that investing in the sport of wrestling will provide the base for a lifetime of excellence built upon dedication, discipline, and hard work. Taught by some of the Nation’s best, GRIT provides hands-on technique and training education for the wrestler of all ages.

High School Pre-Season SessionBe prepared for the upcoming season!Training consists of: Technique, Conditioning, Agility & Weight-training, Live wrestling.

Emphasis on improving all 3 positions.

Education: goal-setting, nutrition, weight management. Parent meetings.

In-Season Youth Training SessionSupplemental training for the serious wrestler

Training consists of: Advanced agility and coordination exercise, technique, situational drilling, live wrestling.

Emphasis on advanced skills and training.

Freestyle and Greco-Roman SessionBe prepared for the upcoming season!Off-Season training produces Winter Champions

Training consists of: Technique, Situational Drilling, Live wrestling.

Emphasis on advanced tactics and positions.

Education: Strategies and current rule changes.

GRIT “Home Camps” & J Robinson CampsTake your commitment to the NEXT LEVEL!

ALL GRIT athletes receive considerable discounts to anyJ Robinson Camp.

GRIT “Home Camps”: GRIT will customize a camp for your site taught by GRIT & JROB Staff.

Advanced Techniques

All top, bottom and standing positions of wrestling will be addressed throughout the training sessions. Key technical skills include: Stance/motion, penetration, finishes, defense, tie-ups, offensive attacks, defensive attacks, riding, pinning, escapes, matching strategies, etc.

Nutrition Education

Being able to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet is very important. Good nutrition can be the difference between success and failure. Just like the whole sport of wrestling, a good diet takes discipline. It is neither easy nor fun to eat healthy but critical to reach the next level.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Many wrestlers spend the majority of their effort and time worrying about their weight instead of improving. Most wrestlers do not have a concrete plan on how to diet and maintain weight effectively. We will share several techniques that have been proven to work for today’s elite level wrestlers.

Intensity and Mental Discipline Training

We will train the body and mind to become more intense. Intensity is a must for a successful wrestler. Mental training techniques will be taught to push the mind to new levels to allow your body to follow. Proper mental preparation is as important as techniques and conditioning.

Strength and Conditioning

Wrestling is different, so we must train different. This especially holds true in weight training. We will incorporate strength training techniques used by elite wrestlers to get to your body in proper condition. Conditioning is another major area of focus. Fatigue can limit your ability and mentally inhibit your improvement and performance. We will train hard and learn how to push your body to a new level.

GRIT WRESTLING has sessions for all ages. Our program is in accordance with the Minnesota High School League Bylaws.

Contact our office with any questions. Our Wrestling Director is available via telephone (612-353-6988) or email (garret.garness@jrobinsoncamps.com).